February 1, 2007


I think I should write some article in English because it is important to make my da’wah effective and efficient. For this time I want to talk about Forbidden Marriage, in Islam we can’t marry mushriks people. Allah had said in Quran in surah Al-baqarah verses 221

“Do not marry mushriks(unbelieving) women until they believe,A slave woman who believes is better than a free Mushriks((unbelieving) women.Even though the Mushriks (unbelieving) women may appear very attractive to yaou.Likewise do not marry(your girls)to mushriks (unbelieving) men until they believe, A slave men who believes is better than a free Mushriks((unbelieving) men. Even though the Mushriks (unbelieving) men may attrack you.These mushriks(unbelievers) invite you to the fire.But Allah by this grace invites you to his jannah and forgiveness by his leave.And Allah makes clear his message to mankind,so they might bear them in mind”

the way work for Allah,
YaWauSin aljohori
13 muharam 1428 H/ February 1, 2007
after ‘seeking’ sponsorship



  1. i agree if you write more in English..not to offense our local language but most of the ppl like to bloghopping and its very good if the ppl around the world can read ur beautiful thoughts..=)

  2. insyAllah and i will try to write in english.But is not near around the circle,maybe after the ‘my people’ accepted and willing to read my article..InsyaAllah but its take a time to make it…but i will…thanks for the advice

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